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Chocolate Chip Cookie

This is the plant-based, vegan-friendly version of our popular Chocolate Chip recipe.

We’ve used cacao nibs instead of chocolate because cacao helps to increase blood flow to the brain and heart to improve system functionality. More blood flow = better performance!

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You’ll stay energized throughout the day with healthy fats from organic almond butter and skip the afternoon slump because there’s exactly zero added sugars in this bar.

Plus we’ve also been a little heavy-handed with a generous dose of chia and flax seeds in this recipe! These bad boys are an excellent source of Omega-3s and rich in fiber too.

Omega-3s support feelings of anxiousness, increase mental focus and lower blood pressure so you can feel and perform your best.


Plant-Based Protein

provides the essential building blocks for healthy bones, joints and skin. Plus it’s vegan-friendly!

Prebiotic Fiber

reduces inflammation and regulates blood sugar levels so you can move and push your body more.

Cacao Nibs

are proven to increase blood flow to the brain and heart to improve system functionality.

Chia and Flax Seeds

increase mental focus and lower blood pressure so you can feel and perform your best.



Organic Dates | Pea Protein | Organic Almond Butter | Allulose (from Figs & Raisins) | Cacao Chips (100% Cacao) | Puffed Quinoa | Chia Seeds | Flax Seeds | Vanilla Extract | Cordycep Mushrooms | Rosemary Extract | Sunflower Lecithin | Coconut Oil Natural Flavor | Himalayan Sea Salt | Zinc | Vitamin D | Vitamin B6


Nearly half of the US is Vitamin D deficient.

Not only will Vitamin D enhance your mood, but it will also strengthen your immune system.

And after just one delicious bar, you’ll have half of your daily Vitamin D needs!

25% ZINC

Fact: The body cannot make zinc so it must be obtained from food! 

Zinc helps your cells to grow and divide, and is necessary for the activity of enzymes, proteins and DNA. 

Zinc can also reduce blood pressure which aids in increasing your HRV (heart rate variability) which can boost cardiovascular health & stamina.


Protein is important for you health.

Not only does protein help to keep hunger at bay, but it also works to increase muscle mass and build strength. 

Each VitaminBar contains 24% of your daily protein needs, it’s the most efficient way to get your protein kick!


Just ask our customers! 

Most VitaminBar converts can’t believe how good our bars taste given that they’re so good for you.  

If you’ve tried other bars in the past but didn’t like the taste or texture, we dare you to give VitaminBars a go. 

You’ll be surprised at just how good they taste.


Is VITAMINBAR Gluten Free?

It sure is! All of our bars are 100% gluten-free.

Where does the sugar in VITAMINBAR come from?

Great question! A lot of other companies out there hide their sugars in the form of sugar alcohols or processed/table sugar. Sneaky! 

That’s why our bars only contain sugar from fruit. We want your body to get sugar from real food, not the lab.  

Is VITAMINBAR Vegan friendly?

We have collagen AND vegan options available. The OG’s are collagen-based (Peanut Butter Coconut and Chocolate Chip) but all the others are vegan-friendly and made from pea protein instead of collagen.

Who is VITAMINBAR best suitable for?

VITAMINBAR nutrition bars are rich in protein and organic superfoods. They’re the perfect choice for any person who wants to level up their health game – whether in the gym, at home, or in the office.

Will eating one VITAMINBAR give me my daily intake of vitamins and minerals?

Based on the average person’s daily recommended intake, you’ll get approximately half the recommended dosage of Vitamin D, Zinc and Vitamin B in one VITAMINBAR. And let’s face it, you probably won’t want to stop at one bar per day! 

What is the source of Protein in VITAMINBAR?

Some of our bar flavors contain collagen protein, which is rich in essential amino acids and sourced from animals like cows and fish. Our vegan flavors contain pea protein, which is a supplement made by extracting protein from yellow peas.