Nearly 90% of the world’s population is vitamin or mineral deficient.

Why does this matter?

Vitamin deficiencies are directly linked to sickness, disease, poor performance and even trickle into physical appearance. Keeping track with various supplements, brands, oversized bottles, inconsistent capsule counts can be a pain in the ass. The worlds natural vitamin & minerals were put on this planet to fuel your body so you can operate & perform at the highest levels possible.

With nutritional protein bars all over the market used for pre-workouts, post-workouts, meal-replacements, mid-day snacks and more, adding these key vitamins to your daily go-to just makes sense.

What good is a bar that you use to fuel yourself if it’s not the highest grade of fuel available?

This why why Vitamin Bar was created.

You weren’t born for average so stop eating like it.

Your body is built for real food and real vitamins. Not excessive oils, fake sugars or any other junk you can’t pronounce. Food should be simple and used for your best stuff and that’s exactly what we’re here to deliver.