The Best Outdoor Hobbies to Get Into this Summer

Summer is here! And what better way to soak up the sun's rays than with a new outdoor hobby! From surfing to hiking to camping, there’s something for everyone wherever they live. Try some of our favorite outdoor hobbies this summer:

Outdoor Hobby #1: Surfing 

If you live by the coast, surfing is a great outdoor hobby to start this summer! The warmth from the long summer days will warm you up, so you’ll barely feel the refreshing ocean water when you jump in. 

The essential equipment you need for surfing are:

  • Surf lessons (if you’re a beginner)
  • Surfboard 
  • Fins for the surfboard
  • Leash to keep you attached to the surfboard
  • Surf wax to keep your board’s grip
  • Wetsuit (if the water is cold. If not, then a swimsuit works!)
  • Sunscreen

Additional and optional equipment you can also purchase is a rash guard, surf earplugs, a surfboard bag, boardshorts, and surf accessories like a watch or camera. 

If surfing is too adventurous or daunting of an outdoor hobby, then try skimboarding! Skimboarding is the same idea as surfing, but with a thinner board and on shallow water. Shallow water can be found in oceans, rivers, lakes, or dedicated skimboarding pools. It makes it the perfect sport for all ages and sizes! It’s a fun outdoor sport to try this summer because it tests your balance while also giving you a total body workout. 

Our latest partner, Austin Keen, is a World Champion of Skimboarding. He’s passionate about skimboarding and helps promote and grow skimboarding around the world. We’re so excited to have him as our partner and fuel his outdoor hobbies with Vitamin Bar! Follow Austin on Instagram for all his tips and tricks and life updates! 

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Outdoor Hobby #2: Hiking

Hiking might be one of the easiest outdoor hobbies to start this summer! The only gear you need is a good pair of shoes and a water bottle! Hiking is also one of the more affordable hobbies since you can hike on public lands. If you hike on state or government land, you might need to pay a fee, but they’re usually affordable. Plus, hiking is a great way to get outdoors with your loved ones and furry friends. If you plan on hiking with your dog, be sure to check beforehand to ensure dogs are allowed. 

No matter where you live, we guarantee there’s hiking nearby. A quick Google search will prove that to be true! Plus, hiking comes in varying forms and views so it’s never the same. Step up your outdoor hobbies this summer with hiking and use Vitamin Bar to fuel your journey! 

Outdoor Hobby #3: Camping 

To really enjoy the great outdoors, try sleeping in it! Camping is a great way to combine some outdoor hobbies like hiking or biking with camping. Rising and falling asleep with the sun will refresh your body and mind as it will reset your circadian rhythm. Plus, camping is another fun and affordable adventure for you and your family and friends this summer. 

According to REI, here is the camping gear you need for your next trip:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bags
  • Sleeping pads
  • Camping pillow
  • Handlamps or flashlights
  • Camp chairs and table
  • Lantern
  • Mattress/pad repair kit
  • Mallet or hammer
  • Stove and fuel (if there isn’t a fire pit)
  • Cooking pots and utensils
  • Bottle and can opener 

Additional optional equipment is a hammock, cots, firewood, table cloth, solar and portable power, reading material, games, and toys. 

REI has a whole series called “Intro to Camping” to help beginners have a successful camping trip. You can learn how to buy the right equipment like tents and sleeping bags, and learn other camping essentials like how to build a fire and set up a tent.

There are so many other outdoor hobbies to try this summer like biking, water rafting, swimming, horseback riding, and so much more that we couldn’t cover in this blog. Whole, fresh, and pronounceable ingredients should be how you get your energy for all your summer activities and at Vitamin Bar, we understand that! Food should be simple and used for your best stuff and that’s exactly what we’re here to deliver. No matter the outdoor hobby you choose this summer, fuel your adventure with Vitamin Bar!

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